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The Flame of Bealtaine 

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Be the one God meant you to be, and you will set the world on fire

Saint Catherine of Siena (1347-1380) Italian mystic Activist and Author



This extended time of isolation has allowed us to harness an intentionality that we, perhaps, were reluctant to face. 


The symbolism of this ancient festival Bealtaine revolves around fire,  and it’s fierce symbolism of purification and renewal. We will need the wisdom of these teachings in abundance as we begin to create a new way of being in the world in the aftermath of this solitary time. 


We will also be examining the teachings of Catherine of Siena (1347-1380), the Italian mystic, activist and author, whose feast day

falls on April 29th.


Nóirín, Owen and Mícheál, have created three online courses in the last four weeks. A beautiful global cohort assembles each time to hear the poetry, song, and often hilarious familial banter and tale telling. 


This is a prayerful time together too, with theological, philosophical and historical readings of this bounteous threshold of the year. 


Bealtaine festival holds so much meaning and so many shared memories for this family. 


This live course, ‘The Flame of Bealtaine’ is a once off experience, and not to be missed.


Join us live each day for two hours at 4pm GMT (11am ET, 8am PCT) or else register to gain unlimited access to the videos and audio versions 

The Curriculum

This is a live experience. This course is in the format of a live Zoom Video Conference call. You are invited to join us in person each day, but attendance is not required, you can access the recordings and teaching materials at any time in The Vault.

You are invited to share at any time on through the chat feature. We will be glancing at that throughout the session and reading it in more details later in the evening and responding to it the following day. Once each day we will have an optional breakout session where you will be invited to enter into conversation with one or two others on a particular theme of the day. 

Here is just a sample of some of the themes that we will explore together.


  • An opening flame ritual and meditation each day

  • The Celtic Festival of Bealtaine and its wisdom for us today

  • Symbolism of the Flame

  • The teachings of Medieval Mystic Catherine of Siena (feast day is April 29th)

  • Saint Joseph - Patron Saint of Workers

  • Enact a Bealtaine Ritual together

Throughout, we will share plenty of song, poetry, myth and personal story, and as always we will be peppering the experience with the humor that every day life presents us with. 

We will pay special attention to music and how it has informed our own ritual journey, particularly Gregorian Chant and the ancient Irish Sean Nós sacred songs, and also the music of others that we admire and have had the privilege to work with.

How to Attend

Simply join us for a live Zoom Video Conference Call each morning, 8am Pacific, 11am Eastern and 4pm Ireland, for a 2 hour session, Tuesday April 28 to Friday May 1, 2020.

You are not required to attend all sessions live. You will receive a password to access the recordings, teaching notes and participant chat in your own time. These videos and teaching materials will remain available online indefinitely. 

Once you have paid, using the button below, you will then be sent an email with the Zoom link, instructions on how to join and a link and password to The Vault where we store the sessions and notes. You will also receive some optional suggestions for preparing your ritual space, but doing this is not at all required. 

The cost for this course is $75 USD. This not only includes 8 hours of live interaction with Nóirín, Mícheál and Owen, but you also receive a password to view these recordings at any time and access to some of the materials and prayers that we reference in the sessions.

We have limited scholarship places available, so please contact us through the website to request one.

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Praise from our Participants

Some of the messages from our participants on our group chat :

From Susanne & Jan : We have no words for the depth of our gratitude for Noirin, Moley and Owen, and ALL of you — soul family! 

From Stephen : I’m one of those recovering catholics and for years was forced to go to mass. This week has helped me understand the beauty of daily ritual in community, even virtually! Its been so rich and full of the full spectrum of emotions. I’m going to miss being here next week! This Is my ‘recovering’ version of daily mass! I hope you do a series like this again soon as I’m thinknin

From karin : I don’t have the words for how much being in your presence has meant for me. Having been in isolation as my norm after having lost so many, this time , this beauty you have shared, has brought me true heart connection to you and to the essential in myself. Deepest gratitude. 

From Barbrara : Dearest Noirin, Owen, Michael and all of my fellow pilgrims, Many blessings to you all for sharing this sacred space with me this week. You have been the gift of my solitary life in the foothills of the White Mountains here in Harrison, Maine. Thank you all, may this time continue to nourish each of you. Much love, Barbara

From Mark : This meeting is giving me the feeling that we truly are a part of each other.

From Carolyn : Each day when I leave this gathering I know I am taking away inspiration for the rest of the day. I remember some poetry long unread, or have dailies I subscribe line up and then God's gifts appearing like the cranes. Then the reminder yesterday - what am I letting go of.

From Nancy : this is a sacred time to reflect and be grateful, to trust and to know that the simplicity of our gratitude transcends our limitations! 

From sue : This week has been truly transformative and I want to continue to deepen my understanding and experience of so much that you have brought here. I feel you 
have walked with me on the very beginning steps of a pilgrimage . You have helped me cross a threshold . Thank you.

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