Dámh Imeall  

The (h)Edge School

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.

William Butler Yeats

Welcome to Dámh Imeall [pro. DHAWV IM-ill] The (h)Edge School

This school is a circle, a community - there is no hierarchy here. We are all teachers and pupils together, like Michelangelo in his eighties saying, 'I am still learning'. 

The school is a circle because each one of you brings in a unique perspective on the world that no other person has. You are the only expert in the way of being in the world - a discipline that you have studied your whole life. Together we will face inward, each of us side by side, forming a circle of belonging, facing the central fire of our shared spirit. When you bring the expertise of your perspective to this fire, then together we share in the full three hundred and sixty degree panoramic vision that represents the wisdom of the ages. 

During the Penal Laws in Ireland, from around the 1600s to the 1900s, access to education was outlawed for most people. Ruling powers knew that to totally subjugate a population, you had to cut them off from their culture and inherited wisdom. Wandering teachers traveled the country holding renegade, impromptu classes on the edge of the fields. Wisdom was sheltered out of sight and passed on through word of mouth, learned off by heart, protected in the secrets of the hedges. This was a time when the human spirit found ways to overcome one of human history's darkest chapters. 

Imeall is the Irish word for an edge, a liminal space, a threshold. This school offers a space where you can retreat to the edge of things, to dive deep into mysteries that have been patiently waiting for you all along. This (h)Edge School invites you to step off of the highway of our modern world and immerse yourself in a source that is deeper, quieter and truer to your own identity and ancestry.

The Curriculum                                                                               

From the Latin root for currere, to run, this curriculum is a journey, a circuit around a sacred circle that we will circumambulate together.  

This is a school of the spirit. We are open to the nudgings of that spirit and where it is taking us together. 

Each one of us, Noírín, Mícheál and Owen will draw on our store of song, poetry, mythology and mirth in a very interactive and spontaneous way, always in conversation with you, our school.  

Some of the themes that we will draw from:

  • The Heart

  • Celtic Spirituality

  • Wisdom from the lives of the Celtic Saints and mythology

  • The Medicine of tradition song and poetry

  • Aging with Panache

  • Enchantment

This circle has five standing stones, each stone a day of the week. 

Day One and Two are preparatory.

Day Three is the day of threshold.

Day Four and Five are where we pass it over to you.

How to Attend                                                                                

Simply join us for a live Zoom Video Conference Call each morning, 8am Pacific, 11am Eastern and 4pm Ireland, for a 2 hour session, Monday to Friday, March 30 - April 3.


You are not required to attend all sessions live. They will be available on this website to watch in your own time.

Once you have paid using the button below, then we will email you with the Zoom link and instructions on how to join. 

The cost for this course is an introductory discount price of $65 USD.

We have limited scholarship places available, so please contact us through the website to request one.


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