Advent of Hope: Solace in Anxious Times

Advent of Hope: Solace in Anxious Times

On the four Sundays of Advent:


  • November 29

  • December 6

  • December 13

  • December 20


All sessions start at 12-2pm EST (9-11am PST and 5-7pm Irish time)
Each session is two hours in duration




"I hear it in the deep heart’s core."

from The Lake Isle of Innisfree, by William Butler Yeats.

This latest (h)Edge School retreat is an opportunity to acknowledge the fallow year we are sharing. Our anxiety and isolation can now be faced and overcome in community, creativity, conversation and laughter!


The course structure will follow the four Sundays of Advent, the Christian liturgical new year,  a festival anticipating the longest night, the Winter Solstice, December 21. 


For the ancient people, this was a time of great anxiety and apprehension. The days continue to get shorter and the dark nights longer. If this continues, then there would be no light, no springtime, and all life on earth would cease. The world as we know it is seemingly being swallowed up by the dragon of darkness.


Over these four Sundays, we will examine and experience the deep underlying wisdom behind this festival to uncover precisely why this tradition has been preserved and handed down. We believe that if a tradition is considered precious, that there is potent medicine stored within, beyond the superficial trappings associated with it.


Let the symbolism, Celtic mythology, poetry and song guide and inspire us during this poignant time of anxiety and anticipation. Within the wisdom of ancient theology and spirituality there is much sustenance. Celtic mythology is rich around this darkening threshold time and we cannot rush this vital stage of dormancy and hibernation.


The Christian Liturgy of Advent echoes the anxiety of the encroaching darkness. This fear is dispelled by the promise and birth of the great light, the solace of the divine. 

Some themes you will explore on this Advent Journey:


  • Explore the mythological and poetic themes around this particular time of year - the final four Sundays leading up to the Winter Solstice, from which every day gets brighter

  • Learn about the Celtic Mythology associated with this time of year

  • Learn about the deep symbolism of the five candles of the Advent Wreath

  • Discover the secret astro-archaeology of the 6,000 year old burial tomb in Ireland called Newgrange

  • Experience the beauty and mystery of the ‘O Antiphons’ from the ancient Roman Rite; Gregorian Latin Chants only sung at this time of year

  • Prepare your own Advent Wreath and light the candles of Advent with us

  • Taking part in a community of hope 

  • Examine the liturgy of Advent and create a shared ritual and altar in your own home.

  • Poetry, song, and music that resonates with this anxious time and the celebration of darkness

  • Gain access to our Dámh Imeall facebook community, where you can share your own thoughts, reflections and creativity

  • Dancing with stagefright and leaping over writer’s block

  • Create an Advent Icon over the 4 weeks. An icon is a creation of any kind, a painting, a poem, a story, something that embodies the journey of hope that overcomes darkness


What you will receive:


  • Attend four live Zoom meetings

  • Optional gift of a free scholarship place for a person of your choosing.

  • Every session has an optional breakout conversation with other participants to reflect on a set question of the day

  • Interact with the group via the Zoom chat feature

  • Gain access to recordings of the four sessions indefinitely

  • Download the Teaching Notes and Participant Chat for each session

  • Receive an invitation to join the Dámh Imeall (h)Edge School Facebook Group

  • Become a part of this ever growing community of creativity and imagination


1st Sunday, November 29

The Poetics of Advent - A darkness that may never end


2nd Sunday, December 6

The Power of Patience - A Practice to Endure the Winter


3rd Sunday, December 13

A Candle in the Darkness - Preserving Hope

4th Sunday, December 20

The Answering of Prayers - The Return of the Light



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