Making Peace with the Past

The Celtic Ritual of Samhain


Course duration is 5 two-hour live sessions over five days: 

October: Friday 23rd, Saturday 24th, and Sunday 25th, 

followed by Friday 30th and Saturday 31st. 

Each session begins at 12pm EST.


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'An turas is faide, tosnaíonn sé le coiscéim bheag amháin' 

- even the furthest journey begins with one small step alone


In this new module you will experience the artistic and mythological roots of ancient Celtic Feast of Samhain [pro. SOW-in] - the festival we now call Halloween. 


Samhain is a time when we invite the unseen and unknown into our lives. While those who have passed on are our natural focus during this time, there is also an invitation for us to examine ways of living that allow old ghosts in our own lives to ‘rest in peace’. 


The feasts of All Saints and All Souls are old Christian sister festivals that take place on November 1st and 2nd, a special time to remember our dearly departed. We will also explore the spiritual, poetic and musical aspects of this high point in the liturgical calendar.


The ancient roots of the Celtic festival of Samhain inform our celebrations today. There are fierce poems, songs and stories around Samhain which we will share over 5 sessions. We will join together with Rev. Nóirín to make peace with our own and our loved ones’ passing, with some short, simple rituals and Celtic traditions. 


Join Noirin, Owen and Micheal for this deep dive into Samhain and All Souls in the Irish imagination. Share in the learning, laughter, poetry, music and spirituality that we have inherited around this poignant and transformational festival. 





Wondering what to expect?

Here are some of the titles and talking points for each session:




Course Structure


The course is structured over a nine day period. We will gather together for five live sessions on Zoom spread out over two weekends. We will guide you in certain exercises that you will carry out yourself during the five days of the week when we do not meet live. 

Course outline


DAY 1 - Samhain - the Poetics of the Celtic New Year

DAY 2 - Ancestry, family and forgiveness

DAY 3 - Crossing Thresholds / The Thin Veil

DAY 4 - Creating Celtic Imagination 

DAY 5 - Facing Our New Year Together: Friendship, belonging and beauty

DAY 1 - Samhain - the Poetics of the Celtic New Year


Samhain is the great ritual of transformation.  It’s a time for you to honor your past, both the good and the bad. In doing so, you are preparing the soul of your home for a very special visitor - the promise of a renewed future. 

  • Exploring the Symbolism, Myth and Spirituality of the Feast of Samhain.

  • Honoring your ancestors and the dearly departed.

  • Viewing passing over as the crowning moment of a life well lived.

  • Laying the ghosts of grief or despair to rest.

DAY 2 - Ancestry, Family and Forgiveness

Making peace with the past


Samhain is a time to come face to face with our ancestors. We must accept our inheritance, whether we like it or not. Through celebration and forgiveness, joy and despair, we come to peace with our present.

  • Memory, Ancestry and Samhain

  • How our sense of inheritance affects our life today

  • What we carry from our sense of inheritance

  • Forgiveness and Death

  • Songs, Poems and Mythology of Forgiveness

  • Honoring our ancestors



DAY 3 - Crossing Thresholds / The Thin Veil

We are on the threshold of life and death, how we remember this in our lives is key to the power of Samhain

- living a full life

-can we be ready for death?

-How are we to be remembered?

-Ritual for the Celtic Samhain threshold

DAY 4 - Creating the Celtic Imagination 

The roots of creativity do their work in darkness.

- Poetics of Celtic identity

- Uniting disparate parts of ourselves through art and spirituality

- Solidarity through poetry and music

DAY 5 - Facing Our New Year Together

Friendship, belonging and beauty


Here we will open towards a new connection of friendship to a beautiful world - staying together and praying together.

-Creating a network and community

-Making meaningful friendship with the self

-Moving forward with purpose.

-Art and Spirituality as companion in uncertain times

Turas d'Anam - Soul Journey in Ireland

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