Dámh Imeall: 
(h)Edge School

'Imeall' is the Irish word for an edge, a liminal space, a threshold.

This school offers a space where you can retreat to the edge of things, to dive deep into mysteries and themes that have been patiently waiting for you.

What is Dámh Imeall: (h)Edge School?


Dámh, in the Irish language, means ‘academy’, or ‘artistic
community’. Imeall, is the Irish word for ‘edge’, or ‘boundary’.

The ‘hedge school’ era in Ireland, during the 18th and 19th
century, was an informal system of schooling that preserved
traditional Gaelic culture and the classical education of Greek
and Roman civilization.
These hedge schools were often in homes, barns or secluded, secret places.
The educational alchemy of the hedge school movement blends the poetic and
the practical during times of existential crisis.

Dámh Imeall: (h)Edge School was the natural choice for us to describe the wide ranging
series of conversations and themes we discuss together.

What To Expect....

Find your self, your tribe, your elders and your friends, at Damh Imeall: (h)Edge School.

Damh Imeall: (h)Edge School is a series of conversations around the inherited wisdom that the arts and spirituality hold for our contemporary lives.


(h)Edge school is a familial, informal and
joyous exploration, led by a mother and her two sons. Their family dynamic lies at the
crossroads of Theology, Philosophy, Musicology, Poetry, and Literature. (h)Edge School is an interactive community of learning and experience.


Whether joining as a witness to passionate
conversation, or looking to build upon an academic and experiential understanding of a topicthis classroom community is open to you as an informal, educational, interdisciplinary, and at times irreverently humorous gathering. 
You are invited to the warm family kitchen table for a vibrant heart to heart discussion around an array of topics, stories, poetry and song.

The Dámh Imeall: (h)Edge School is like coming home. A sanctuary of stillness from our daily lives, where the seeker, scribe, and genius thinker in each of us is invited to unveil themselves. Come and live with the ancient wisdom that we have the human right to converse with. These
ancient streams of traditional ideas and creative artforms go beyond and beneath our individual identities to unite us on our primal spirit level. Transcending our current conventions and minute differences.

(h)Edge School offers a ‘way in’ to traditions and ideas that we may not have granted ourselves permission to fully investigate. By exploring rich veins of inherited human culture, we have an opportunity to reclaim our common bond, through learning, curiosity, laughter and conversation.


The Place of Ritual and Prayer

Ritual has become an important part of the (h)Edge School spirit. We light a candle together at the beginning of each session. This is an energetic invitation to the self and acknowledges our place within the live community of learning and presence.


Nóirín’s expertise in leading and
presiding over interfaith ritual has been a powerful part of containing all that we learn and laugh about on our (h)Edge School ‘pilgrimagical’ experiences.

Damh Imeall: (h)Edge School works with themes that are common to spirituality, creativity, music, poetry, and philosophy. Together, we acknowledge the mystery of life, as well as our shared rites of passage.


We honour our connection to the natural world while marvelling at our insatiable thirst for human connection through every, and sometimes any, means. We honour family, but realise that our lives are an epic solo pilgrimage with operatic highs and tragic lows. We honour a return to tradition as we mediate innovation.

Join when you want, the way you want
Our online sessions are offered in two options.


Join real-time workshops with Nóirín, Owen, and Mícheál. Delve into themes of mythology, spirituality, poetry, and music with a wonderful community 
of fellow soul-journeyers.


  • Access to live online sessions

  • Opportunity to connect with other attendees

  • Access to Nóirín, Owen, and Mícheál over the course of your selected workshop

  • Unlimited access to a private vault where workshop video recordings and notes are provided


Watch one of our live workshop recordings at a discounted price in your own time.


  • Access to online session recordings

  • Flexibility to go at your own pace, according to your own schedule

  • Unlimited access to a private vault where workshop video recordings and notes are provided

  • A discounted price


(h)Edge School is led by Nóirín, and her two sons, Owen and Mícheál.


Nóirín holds a doctorate in Theology, is an Interfaith minister, singer and musicologist. Her academic specialisatin is in divine revelation through the aural sense and she is one of Ireland’s most influential singers. She has a huge store of Irish traditional and religious song and is a master of poetic recitation.

Her sons Owen and Micheal are singers and academics in their own rites. Both lads are virtuosic singers and composers with a passion for poetic recitation. They have been singing together as a duo for 15 years and have travelled the world singing their original songs as well as the traditional song. Both brothers are brilliant speakers and have a mischievous streak.

Owen is a polymath with deep knowledge of ancient and modern ideas from philosophy, history, astrology through to organisational leadership and artificial intelligence. He holds an
MA in Peace and Development Studies.

Micheal holds a masters in Ethnomusicology with a specialisaing in Irish rap music. He is a stunning singer and vocal percussionist with a comedic and surrealist sensibility. He has also just published his first book of poetry, ‘Early Music’, with the poet David Whyte’s Many Rivers Press in Seattle.

The lads inherited Irish traditional culture from their mother, Noirin, and their late father, Professor Micheal O Suilleabhain, who is a legendary figure in Irish traditional music and academia, having championed Irish traditional music and dance in third level education in Ireland. Both Owen and Micheal’s parents are relevant figures in the revival of Irish traditional music in the 20th century.

Course Offerings

Join us on a live webinar or experience any of our courses through full video recordings.
All sessions come with teaching notes and chat logs. 

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